About us

Dating back to Europe - 1940 in Zurich, Switzerland, a passion for food and its presentation was born.  Aiming to bring the best of the homemade delicacies they had grown up on to friends and family, Eli & Frum began offering gourmet foods to family and friends.  As word of their delicate pastries and artisan desserts spread, they gained a loyal following with demand rising year after year.

Over the oceans and through the generations, the tradition continued with Eli & Frum bringing their knowledge of good food and gourmet products to those searching for that special something beyond the usual.  Now bringing their expertise to the online marketplace, Eli & Frum expanded their reach, continuing the legacy, and striving to  bring the best of the season's bounty right to your door.

At Eli & Frum, we are proud to present to you a  selection of fine gourmet foods from all different parts of the globe.  You will find artistic desserts from italy, robust coffee from Honduras, high quality Wagyu beef from Australia, elegant French pastries made by an artisan bakery, as well an an extensive line of American specialties.  

Eli & Frum is set apart from the rest, in that now you, the customer has the choice.  From food gifts for clients, to a Holiday extravaganza for the extended family, delectable hams to show stopping desserts, Eli & Frum has you covered.  Each category offers you multiple options, giving you the freedom of having more than just the two or three basics to choose from.  And all from the comfort of your  desk and computer.  

Want cheesecake?  We have many different flavors, from a variety of specialty bakeries.  

Need corporate gifts that will impress your clients,vendors, and staff?  We have a fantastic variety of chocolate gift boxes and baskets; all sorts of artisan truffles and caramel chocolates; an outstanding selection of tasty peanuts, as well as many wonderful nut gift boxes and baskets; and a colorful collection of hand made French Macarons in various gift combinations.

 Need an indulgent appetizer for that special occasion?  We have a full line of the most prestigious caviar in the world.

Above all, Eli & Frum prides themselves on being there for the corporate market.  We know that creating and sending gifts can prove to  be challenging and we want to help you execute it to perfection.  Our corporate team has experience with the nuances of corporate gift giving and is always available to help you complete the process without  the hassle.  

Above all, our passion for food and its presentation stands strong.  Matched with our reputation for quality care and  customer service, we are sure that you will enjoy being part of the tradition that is Eli & Frum.  

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